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Fast and easy worldwide shipping at a low rate.

Send your parcels quickly and easily at an affordable rate via our user-friendly shipping platform my.QLS. Discover the benefits of our parcel service!

Send packages via my.QLS. Experience the benefits of our parcel service!


This is how parcel service works at QLS

We send tens of thousands of parcels every day with our parcel service, which allows us to offer the lowest price due to economies of scale. Do you also want to save money on your logistics process and outsource your parcel service? Contact us and discover the options!

Our team will pick up your parcels, so you have time for other important matters for your webshop.

Link webshop

Easily connect your webshop to my.QLS with our plug & play webshop links. This gives you quick and easy access to our platform to manage all your orders. In addition, we also make custom integrations available, so we can tailor our platform to your specific needs.

By using these integration options, you can optimize your logistics processes and make them more efficient, while at the same time maintaining control over your sales activities. Experience the benefits of our parcel service yourself and discover how it can contribute to the growth of your webshop!

– Easily create all your shipping labels in one click.
– Multiple integrations are possible.
– Links with popular shop systems.

Collect orders and create labels

My QLS makes managing your orders as easy as it can be. With just one click you can effortlessly import all your orders, saving you valuable time. Easily choose the desired delivery method and with a few clicks you can print the necessary shipping labels. These labels are immediately ready to be attached to your packages. Once the label has been attached to the package, the order is ready to be picked up by one of our drivers. My.QLS makes the entire process very simple, so you can focus on the maximum growth of your webshop!


Hand over the package to our drivers

As soon as your parcels are ready for shipment, our drivers will come and collect them directly from you. Through careful planning and collaboration with our logistics partners, we guarantee that your packages are delivered to your customers in a timely and reliable manner.

Furthermore, we strive for maximum flexibility in our services and that is why we offer various delivery options. Whether it concerns evening deliveries, Saturday deliveries, Monday deliveries or letterbox packages, at QLS we make everything possible!

The parcels are delivered on time

Once the parcel has been shipped, the customer will receive a personalized track & trace email. This allows your customer to easily and accurately track the progress of their parcel, from the moment of shipment to the expected delivery date. Our close cooperation with reliable logistics partners not only guarantees fast and safe delivery, but also a high level of service!

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Our integrations and carriers

The most popular integrations can be integrated by us. If your link is not listed, please contact us so we can see what we can do for you. The shipping platform my.QLS, which we developed ourselves, ensures that you not only save time, but also money.

To provide the best service to your customers, a fast delivery time is of course essential. Customers today expect many different delivery options. That is why QLS works with various carriers to offer this service. From Next-Day delivery in the Benelux to Same-Day delivery in the Netherlands, QLS makes it possible!

Are you curious about what other benefits my.QLS brings? Please feel free to contact us!


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Real-time platform

My.QLS is easy to use, allowing you to generate all shipping labels in one click! Your customers can also easily return shipments in our personal returns portal. Our portal is fully automated, which means that you have 24/7 insight into the return status!


Sustainability at QLS

At QLS we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

For example, we have chosen to cover the roof of our building with solar panels, so that our robots largely run on solar energy.

In addition, we like to keep the parcels as small as possible, so that we do not transport air and use as little packaging material as possible. We do this using our automated packing machine, which reduces the packages to a minimum size!

Do you have any ideas about how we can make our logistics even greener? We would like to talk to you about working on a green and sustainable future for fulfillment. We believe it is important to work together for a greener future!

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