Sustainable entrepreneurship

A sustainable course: our commitment to responsible business

Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and we strive to operate in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. Environmental awareness is one of our most important pillars. We do this through energy-saving measures, the efficient use of resources and reducing waste and emissions.

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Sustainable AutoStore
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Investing in sustainable solutions

We strive for sustainable energy solutions and invest in green technologies to reduce our impact on the climate. Within QLS we distinguish various forms of sustainability and are also directly reflected in our fulfilment and parcel service. At QLS we believe that companies have a responsibility to have a positive impact on society and the environment. We strive to combine economic growth and profitability with the conservation of natural resources, social justice and the well-being of our stakeholders. 



Green energy

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a greener future by using high-quality solar panels and energy solutions for our services. The roof of QLS (10,000 m2) is therefore full of solar panels to guarantee maximum energy yield. Thanks to these solar panels, we can continue our work on green energy and therefore contribute to a more sustainable future. Our buildings are also equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and we keep the energy required for lighting and heating to a minimum.


Sustainable packing machine

Our packing machine is designed with sustainability in mind. We use advanced technologies and materials to ensure that our machine is energy efficient and produces little to no waste. We strive for an optimal balance between functionality and environmental performance, so that you can benefit from both cost savings and a reduced ecological impact.

The packing machine is an important link for sustainability at QLS. For example, the packaging machine uses recycled packaging and filling material and the products are packed as small as possible. This reduces the percentage of excess air in a parcel by 39%. By keeping excess air in a parcel to a minimum, we save space and can send more parcels at a time. This allows us to keep the percentage of unnecessary air to a minimum and allows us to send more parcels at a time.


Sustainable AutoStore

Our AutoStore is a revolutionary system designed to handle the storage and distribution of products and sustainably. The AutoStore has several advantages compared to a traditional warehouse. It saves space, increases productivity and reduces ecological impact. The AutoStore uses advanced technologies, such as energy-efficient robots, to minimize energy consumption.

By reducing energy consumption during the storage and distribution process, we contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly working environment. The amount of power the AutoStore consumes is kept to a minimum and the robots know when to charge and when they are fully charged, so no energy is wasted. The AutoStore also stores stock more effectively than a traditional warehouse.

Finally, the solar panels also play an important role at the AutoStore. The solar panels at QLS power the robots and therefore form a large part of our fulfilment  service.



groen verzenden dhl

Electric transport

We strongly believe in the power of electric transport as a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for the transport sector. We understand that delivery is an important part of the logistics chain and we strive to make this process as environmentally friendly as possible. In this way we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to reducing air pollution and climate change.

QLS chooses sustainable logistics partners, such as DHL. From January 1, 2021, they will send all parcels to consumers climate-neutrally, but they also do this to business recipients and also outside the Netherlands. This is made possible thanks to a GOGREEN certificate. To use this service, QLS pays an additional contribution to DHL.

For our parcel service, we optimize our delivery routes to maximize fuel efficiency and avoid unnecessary kilometers. By combining multiple parcels and collecting them efficiently, we reduce the number of vehicles on the road and contribute to a reduction in traffic jams.