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QLS attaches great importance to charities, sponsorship and social initiatives

As a company, we are therefore often involved in various social initiatives. By deploying our resources, expertise and networks, we contribute to the realization of their goals and help strengthen communities

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Charities and sponsorship

At QLS we strongly believe in the power of supporting and contributing to charities and sponsorships that have a positive impact on society and the world around us. We are committed to making a difference and promoting positive change.

We would like to take you through a number of projects that we have done in recent years. Would you like to collaborate with us? Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss how we can work together for a common goal!



Children’s Hospitals of Orange

I’m putting my hat on! More than 380,000 children are admitted to the Children’s Hospitals of Orange every year. Such an admission is often exciting and brings fear, pain and stress. We have to do something about that! Therefore, buy a cap during the national campaign month of April 2023, start a campaign and get sponsored via petjeop.nu. Better together!

We are proud that we have handled the order processing of the caps. Thousands of caps were processed and sent in April 2023. Naturally, we also participated in this campaign in the form of a challenge and donation. Curious how this turned out? Watch the video below! 

dfc dordrecht

Main sponsor DFC Dordrecht

With August 16, 1883 as the founding date, DFC is the sixth oldest football club in the country. It has now become a household name in Dordrecht and the surrounding area. QLS has been sponsoring the local sports club DFC Dordrecht for years.

The values ​​and positive attributes associated with sports, such as teamwork and perseverance, fit well into the DNA of QLS. We also believe it is important that it has a positive influence on people’s health, well-being and social interaction.




QLS also sponsors korfball club DeetosSnel in Dordrecht. QLS has not simply chosen to sponsor the local korfball club. DeetoSnel’s DNA also fits well with QLS. Ambition, guaranteeing top sport in the long term, recreational sport for boys and girls, family, socially involved, professional streaming, new initiatives, more than just korfball… just a few features of the unique character, the special DNA of korfball club DeetosSnel from Dordrecht.




We are always open to new collaborations regarding sponsorship and charities. QLS strongly believes in the power of collaboration in realizing successful projects. Would you like to collaborate? Our approach to sponsorship and charities focuses on building strong partnerships and creating synergies. Contact us. Together towards a better future!

QLS will not turn blue, but orange in April 2023!

Our colleagues worked for the Children’s Hospitals of Orange in April 2023. In addition to processing the orders, we also did various challenges to raise a nice amount of money. Watch our video!