QLS places great value on CSR

At QLS, we strongly believe in the importance of corporate social responsibility and are committed to creating a positive impact on society, the environment and our stakeholders. Our CSR values ​​are at the core of everything we do. They serve as a guideline in making decisions and determining our strategies. We are committed to various CSR principles.

We attach great importance to corporate social responsibility and strive to have a positive impact on society!


CSR for the long term

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of our business strategy and culture. We strive for a balanced approach that takes into account the economic, social and environmental aspects of our activities. QLS is convinced that sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship is not only good for the world around us, but also for the long term and growth of QLS.

On a social level, we strive to promote well-being and diversity within our organization. We create a safe and inclusive working environment where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of background, gender or age. We invest in the development and growth of our employees and offer them the opportunity to reach their potential.

At QLS, CSR is divided into the following disciplines:
– Sustainable entrepreneurship
– Socially inclusive entrepreneurship
– QLS Foundation


Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and we strive to operate in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. Environmental awareness is one of our most important pillars. We do this through energy-saving measures, the efficient use of resources and reducing waste and emissions. We strive for sustainable energy solutions and invest in green technologies to reduce our impact on the climate. Learn more

sociaal inclusief ondernemen

Socially inclusive entrepreneurship

We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued, respected and included. QLS works with local organizations and agencies to offer opportunities to people who are at a distance from the labor market. We strive for a diverse and inclusive employee population, recognizing talent and skills regardless of someone’s background. Learn more


QLS Foundation

We strongly believe in the power of sponsoring and contributing to charities that have a positive impact on society and the world around us. We are committed to making a difference and promoting positive change. As a company we are involved in various social initiatives. Learn more

tekenen samenwerken


We are always open to new collaborations regarding CSR. QLS strongly believes in the power of collaboration in realizing successful projects. Would you like to collaborate? Our approach to CSR focuses on building strong partnerships and creating synergies. Please feel free to contact us. Together towards a better future!