What is e-fulfilment?

We tell you what e-fulfilment means and what e-fulfilment can do for you.

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What is e-fulfilment?

QLS is the specialist in the field of e-fulfilment. But what does e-fulfilment mean? E-fulfilment handles the entire process of orders from a webshop. An e-fulfilment company focuses specifically on handling orders from an online store. QLS is an innovative company that focuses on growth. This is one reason we are automated.

Advantages of outsourcing e-fulfilment:

There are many advantages to outsourcing your logistics process. We have listed these benefits for you. The biggest reason that webshops outsource their logistics process is to save time. QLS specializes in processing orders and this allows us to send and process the packages in a much shorter time. In addition, we can offer faster delivery options because we have multiple carriers. Due to our specialism, we can easily handle peak times, such as Christmas and Black Friday. Because you save time, you now have more time for things other than your webshop, such as marketing or purchasing (new) items. It is also an advantage that you do not have to waste space on storage. So you save money, time and space. Would you like to know more benefits of outsourcing your logistics process? Contact us!

Your entire logistics process outsourced by QLS

Do you also spend a lot of time on your logistics process? We can take care of this entirely for you. We take care of the entire flow of goods!

When we receive your stock, it is immediately stored in our AutoStore. If your webshop receives an order, our team will immediately get to work for you. We collect the products together with the help of robots and they are then carefully packed by the packing machine. We provide sturdy packaging with environmentally friendly filling material to send your parcel to the customer as safely as possible. We also handle your returns. We check the return shipment for the conditions and store it again in our warehouse.

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Competitive prices

With QLS you always know what costs you will incur and you are assured of the lowest price. This is because we send tens of thousands of packages per day. This means we benefit from volume discounts and can guarantee you competitive rates.

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