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Fulfilment companies for webshops

Webshop owners are busy running their webshop. Fulfilment companies offer the solution so that webshop owners have more time for other things. Let us inform you and view the possibilities!

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Fulfilment company

As a webshop owner you have a lot of things on your mind. Does that sound familiar? You want to grow, but the capacity is not there. QLS can help you as a fulfillment company by taking over the entire logistics process. From storage and order picking to dispatching the transport. QLS takes care of it all! We specialize in sending parcels quickly and safely on a large scale. By outsourcing your logistics process, you benefit from flexible delivery options for your customers.

The fulfilment company with the best rates

Do you also want to save costs on your logistics process? We ship packages for many other webshops, so we can benefit from volume discounts and offer you the best price as a fulfilment company. With us you are always assured of a fixed rate and there are no surprises. This means you always know where you stand! View the rates here.

Fulfilment company and the AutoStore 

Order picking to a higher level with our AutoStore. What is the AutoStore? The AutoStore is an innovative automatic storage and order picking system. The system brings goods to a person in a compact and efficient manner. The AutoStore uses an energy recovery system during box lowering and robot braking to reduce electricity costs.

The AutoStore ensures that we have better order accuracy, which means that we can collect your order completely error-free. The online order is also processed faster and your orders will be shipped very quickly. Next to this, all our customers’ products are stored dry and safely.

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