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What does webshop fulfillment entail?

Fulfilment services are very useful for webshops, the entire logistics process is taken care of, leaving more time for other things in a company. See the benefits of fulfilment!

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What is webshop fulfilment?

Looking to set up fulfilment services for your online store? You have probably thought about it, but you don’t know yet whether you will apply it. Let us first discuss what webshop fulfilment is. Webshop fulfilment involves the following: the process of processing after an order: storage, collection, packaging and shipping of goods that are sent to the correct address. If an online store is going to grow, many aspects come into play. Naturally, you still want to provide the same service if you grow with orders. As the webshop grows, you often see that you spend a lot of time in the warehouse. Wouldn’t you like to spend this time better? This way you also have more time for other relevant matters to grow your webshop.

The benefits of webshop fulfilment

There are a lot of advantages to webshop fulfilment:
– Cut-off 11:30 PM (Netherlands).
– Cut-off 9:00 PM (Belgium).
– If you are not there, the webshop will continue as usual.
– You have time for other relevant matters, such as marketing and purchasing.
– No more trouble with stock, this is stored in our warehouse.

The process

Curious about how this works? We would like to tell you more about how fulfilment works at QLS. Step one is the arrival and storage of your goods. Check the goods to ensure that specifications are correct and that the number of registered quantities corresponds to the actual quantity. After this, the goods are registered in our fulfilment system. The QLS webshop fulfilment system was developed by us and this system offers plenty of options to link your webshop with our system. If there is an order, the address details are automatically checked and forwarded to the warehouse. The order is then checked again from the AutoStore (automated warehouse) by means of barcode scanning.

Once the order has been collected, we neatly pack the products using our packing machine. Here we use suitable and environmentally friendly packaging and filling materials. At QLS, sustainability is very important and we therefore try to minimize our ecological footprint. The packing machine uses as little material as possible and the products are packed as small as possible. When the order is ready to be shipped, we will inform the customer in time and they will receive a track and trace email. We also offer several options to add flyers or samples to your parcels. Finally, we also arrange the returns processing for your webshop.

With the help of a return label, a customer can make returns easily and quickly. We check the returns upon arrival and check the return conditions. The returns can be found in our platform.

Competitive rates for webshop fulfilment

At QLS you always know what costs you will incur. We use all-in rates. No surprises afterwards. That’s nice, right? We also charge competitive prices. Because we send thousands of parcels per day, we can also offer you low rates. As a webshop, you don’t want to miss out on these savings and benefits, do you?

Integrations and carriers

QLS has various integrations with webshops. This allows you to create shipping labels in one click. There are also various options that require customization. We also work with various logistics carriers that ensure that the parcels are delivered on time every day. 

Curious about the possibilities for you? Request a quote or contact us!